Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ed Robertson Celebrates 60 Years of Red Cross Service

Pictured: Ed Robertson with American Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Region CEO Jeri Sims.

The American Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Region recognized Ed Robertson for completing 60 years of service to the Red Cross during a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast held in Harrisburg on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

“On March 19, sixty years ago [last month], it snowed in Boston,” noted Ed in a social media post to his Red Cross Family. “That snowstorm changed the direction of my life, and it started me on a Red Cross journey that still continues.”

It was 1956, and Boston was hammered by 29 inches of snow over an eight-day period. Ed, a college student at the time, was living in Boston’s Back Bay when he heard a radio announcement from the Red Cross asking for volunteers to help with the storm’s aftermath.

“Where I lived on Newbury Street was only a block from the location of the Greater Boston Chapter at that time, so I walked over and introduced myself,” Ed added. “The first question from the gentleman at the door was, ‘Can you drive in snow?’ Very quickly after I said, ‘Yes,’ he gave me the keys to a station wagon, told where the cots and blankets were and where they needed to be delivered.”

Ed continued to volunteer in Boston until he moved to North Carolina in 1980. From North Carolina he traveled to Maryland, volunteering for the local Red Cross Chapters at each stop along the way. In 1998, he made his way to Harrisburg and took a position as the Manager of Emergency Services, which he held until his “retirement” in 2001. Since that time he has held numerous additional staff and volunteer positions.

He concluded, “I’m not ready to stop. Our Mission keeps me going.”