Friday, April 29, 2016

CD East Students Raise Money, Throw Pies

Pictured Above: Members of the Central Dauphin East High School Red Cross Club.

The Red Cross Club at Central Dauphin East High School in Harrisburg donated over $1,600 to the American Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Region on Friday, April 29, 2016. The money was raised through their “May Day Pie Throw” event held in the school gymnasium.

The students worked hard in the weeks leading up to the event and easily surpassed their $1,500 goal. As more money was raised, more faculty members were in line to be pied. Lists hung around the school naming which teachers would be added at what dollar level, with the school principal being the “grand prize” should the students hit their mark.

The Red Cross would like to thank the Central Dauphin East High School Red Cross Club, as well as the entire student body, faculty, staff, and administration, for taking part in such a great event. The money raised will be used in support of our Disaster Services Program here in Central Pennsylvania. We would also like to thank Weis Markets for donating the pies.