Friday, October 9, 2015

CommunityAid Donates $20,000 for South Carolina Flood Relief

Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Regional CEO Ellen Kyzer (pictured above front right) accepted a $20,000 donation to benefit the Red Cross relief effort in South Carolina from CommunityAid Executive Director and Founder Glenn Chandler (pictured above front left) during a brief ceremony held at the Mechanicsburg CommunityAid Store on Friday, October 9, 2015.

“It is estimated that the Red Cross relief effort in South Carolina will cost in excess of $4 million dollars. So far this week, the Red Cross has provided over 42,000 meals and snacks and 4,600 relief items to those impacted by the storm,” Kyzer noted. “On behalf of all who will benefit from this generous donation, I say thank you to Glenn Chandler and CommunityAid.

For the past several years, CommunityAid has been a strong partner with The American Red Cross North Central Pennsylvania Chapter, providing a steady and predictable funding stream as well as thousands of dollars in CommunityAid Clothing Care Cards. Recently, that partnership has expanded to Lancaster County, where CommunityAid is now working with the American Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Chapter.

Chandler stated, “We believe in helping our neighbors wherever and whenever there is a need. We are blessed we can help!”

Since 2009, CommunityAid has given more than $5.6 million in contributions to other organizations. This allows hundreds of partner nonprofits to grow their missions and help more people truly in need.

Pictured below: Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Regional Disaster Officer Chris Weidenhammer holds a sign thanking CommunityAid while on deployment to help those affected by the floods in South Carolina.