Saturday, June 20, 2015

Local Girl Scouts Donate Comfort Kits

Girl Scout Troop 10368 in Middletown visited the Harrisburg Red Cross office to drop-off 200 Comfort Kits (100 adult and 100 child) that they had assembled on Saturday, June 20, 2015. They also brought additional items to be used in future kits.

Comfort kits are handed out to individuals and families following all types of disasters and contain items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, washcloths, razors, and deodorant. Children’s kits, depending on the age for whom they were meant, might have diapers, baby lotion, pacifiers, coloring books, and crayons.

“To collect the items the girls did a presentation at our monthly community meeting, asking their sister troops to donate specific items or cash,” commented Marilyn Taylor, the troop’s leader. “We made a flyer that the girls handed out to all of the troop leaders detailing what was needed. The girls then took the flyers home to pass out to friends and family.”

Marilyn noted that one of the girl’s aunts posted the flyer at her place of employment and received two bags full of items and $80 in cash donations to be used on additional items! Another girl created a stand at a family picnic and raised $60.

“Initially, the girls decided to use $200 of their troop’s funds for a shopping trip to purchase some of the items,” Marilyn stated. “When we realized even after receiving a lot of donations from our sister troops and family members that we were still short of what was needed to fulfill our goal, the girls decided to skip their year-end trip and use that money to purchase the rest of the items to complete the kits.”

Before the girls unloaded the kits from their car, Disaster Program Specialist Chris Doty explained how they would be used. He then gave a tour of the emergency response vehicles.

Marilyn concluded, “The Red Cross helped a lot of families in the Middletown area during Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, and the girls wanted to give back to help other families during their time of need. One of our girls said it best when she told me, ‘They help people in need, so we have to help them to help people.’”